First Challenge: One Week

For me it didn’t take a debilitating disease or extreme obesity to make me realize I needed to change my ways. That being said, the issues I have are easy to ignore when I am feeling down. It’s only a matter of time before they get worse. Here is how far I have slipped into weakness; I get shin splints any time I try and exercise because my calves can’t properly support my weight, I can’t do even one full traditional push up, and my lung capacity is a joke. Today is day one. I am trying a 10-week challenge to help with my shin splints, stamina, and strength. So far, I have never been able to make in through one week of consistent exercise. I make it 4 days tops then my excuses get the best of me.

  • Week 1: Run 2 minutes, walk 4 minutes. Repeat 5 times
  • Week 2: Run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. Repeat 5 times
  • Week 3: Run 5 minutes, walk 2.5 minutes. Repeat 4 times
  • Week 4: Run 7 minutes, walk 3 minutes. Repeat 3 times
  • Week 5: Run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times
  • Week 6: Run 9 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat 2 times then run 8 minutes 1 time
  • Week 7: Run 9 minutes, walk 1 minutes. Repeat 3 times
  • Week 8: Run 13 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Repeat 2 times
  • Week 9: Run 14 minutes, walk 1 minutes. Repeat 2 times
  • Week 10: Run 30 minutes. Repeat once and celebrate!

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 This isn’t the exact regiment I have started, but its pretty close. It’s been successful when I have been doing it, but my focus right now is form and consistency. I have to make it through a week. That is my first goal. I’ve made adjustments to my diet and now it’s time to make adjustments to the activity level to achieve my weight loss goal and get back down to 125 pounds. The diet change alone yielded 10 pounds of weight loss from 156 pounds.

 The greatest challenge in all of this is the knowledge that I am the only thing standing in my way. No one else is forcing me to eat bad food or choose to sit on the couch instead of going for a walk. I know that I will feel shitty if I choose to talk myself out of doing something because putting forth the effort is “too hard” yet I still do it. When you know there is no one to blame but yourself it’s a hard truth to handle. It has gotten a lot worse for me before this. There is only so much I can take. This challenge is about more to me than losing weight. I feel like I need to know I can choose to finish something. Every other obstacle in my life I have over come has mostly been out of necessity or because the reward was far greater than the challenge. It’s easier to get through something awful when you know you have no choice.

 As far as becoming an adult I think that’s been one of my biggest struggles so far; having the option to choose. I have, like all of us, made shitty choices that I later regret. Like getting the cheap paper towels or going out late when I have to work in the morning, you have to live with the consequences of the choices you make. Since being on my own, I have spent the last 5 plus years choosing to do nothing. The most painful part was having this image in my head of what I thought I looked like only to see a photo and realize how far off I was. This challenge will hopefully prove once and for all I can change. Until next time…





2 thoughts on “First Challenge: One Week

  1. I love the quote, I’ve used it on my blog this morning. For your shins, you could freeze a small bottle of water and use it as a roller. Also make sure you warm-up and cool down your calfs and shins properly. I do a lot of walking on the tips of my toes and heels which seems to work. If you’ve not been to a running shop yet, you could get your Gait analyzed to make sure you’ve got the correct running shoes. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I have gotten fitted running shoes with good arch support. I’ve been retraining myself on proper form when walking and running. I’ve been working with a former cross country runner to make adjustments in my posture. I have also added calve raises to my workout regiment to strengthen my calves. Thanks for the tips about heating and cooling. I’ll give it a shot.

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